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Results Achieved: 


  • Substantial increase in right-fitting client base.
  • Rightly positioned webinar sessions leading to prolonged sales calls.
  • 90% increase in the number of closed clients.
  • Increase in sales from 8000 dollars to 40000 dollars in first three months
  • Increase in client satisfaction and positive responses
  • Sales accomplishment of 80,000 dollars in 6 months, increasing exponentially each every six months.

“Having Mark Cut My Time to Market!”- Says Robin Who Jumped From $8000 To $80,000 In Just 6 Months


Robin Thompson is a marketing consultant for Mental Health Professionals. He has been mentoring medical professionals to launch their coaching and consulting programs for years now.  


For the past few years, Robin was dealing with financial ups and downs and the condition of his venture was unsatisfactory. He was hovering over LinkedIn and other platforms and was trying webinar funnels but the outcome of his efforts was not up to the scratch. However, in his rough patch, he got in touch with us.


We recently interviewed Robin and he told us how the webinars he conducted before us, caused anxiety and fear to him. His entire focus then was, on how he can retain more and more prospects. He tried various methods but ended up losing out on many prospects and the ones he was getting are not a good fit.  That distressed him to his core but then we got in.  


We suggested Thompson strategies and methods on how he can make the most of his sessions, soon after which he started getting the results. We reconstructed his webinar funnel plans which right away derived the right people for him without getting on hundreds of calls. The number of closed clients increased and revenue went from 8000 to 40,000 dollars for Robin in the first three months. The compounding effect of the strategies caused the revenue to increase even more and it went from 40,000 to 80,000 dollars in the next three months and the sales are still increasing.


As stated by the client himself: “The webinars now, get the right people on the phone without having to hire salespeople. I can just do it on my own because the people webinar actually delivers to me are serious. The buyers are now ready to buy


During the interview, we asked Robin how he knew we can help him.


To which he instantly replied that he has been in the market since 2015. He could sense the credibility of the information we provided and how we showed him the results. He immediately knew we are not someone who over-commits and under-deliver


He even remembered a conversation we had where we consulted him when he was not in the right frame of mind and we reframed his mindset on a call.

According to him, we helped him cut his time to market, and he skipped the “trial and error’ phase which lead to instant revenues and growth. That one call, as claimed by him, made him grow exponentially.


Robin is now funding two of his kid’s college fees and he is planning to buy a new house.


If you want results like Robin Thompson, get in touch!  

Check out the case study interview here...

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