Jeff Soucy

Results Achieved: 


  • Increase in traffic on LinkedIn after rightly positioned and profoundly explained ‘Experience’ section.
  • Got 10 meetings in a row within two weeks
  • Closed two high-paying clients within the 10 prospects.
  • Increased the Linkedin reach by re-positioning the profile
  • Increase in number of responses and prospects

“My profile now is super personable, people connect with my message and view me as an authority right away” – Says Jeff Soucy Who Closed Two Client In Two Weeks


Jeff Soucy runs a marketing firm that aims to help health professionals find new customers online by increasing their reach. 


When Jeff came to us, he was struggling with his LinkedIn account as his client responses were inconsistent. But, he was eager to close more sales but he did not know how to. He booked a few meetings but neither the clients were his ideal prospects nor his profile was enticing enough to explain his business expertise.


The first big change that the program bought to Jeff’s profile was the positioning of his account. Mark guided him to position himself as an expert in his field. The positioning made him appear skilled, proficient, and knowledgeable which increased the response rate instantly. The next step was to work on the messaging and communication techniques which turned out so well that Jeff got 10 meetings in his first two weeks. 


Before the program, I would be sending many, many connections, but people wouldn't connect with me. After the program, it was crazy like the amount, and the quality of meetings I was getting within two weeks" says, Jeff


Not only that, in these two weeks, Jeff closed his first two clients who were highly paying and needed a professional like Jeff. According to him, what Mark preaches in his LinkedIn program is effective for the exact time period and he believes that the program is ahead of its time. He was pretty happy with the results as the clients he got were ideal customers for his business and he kept getting more and more rightly positioned responses.  

 Jeff is satisfied with where he is after joining the program and his reach is still growing. 

Check the video here



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