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Results Achieved: 


  • Increased network and client base
  • Improved and enhanced mindset towards venture
  • Shift in focus towards social media 

“You got LinkedIn, You got Mark. So, this will work if you put your mind and effort into it” – Says Murray Beaulieu Who Got Ahead Of His Game Via LinkedIn


Murray is one of the energetic members of the LinkedIn program. He is a big believer in LinkedIn successes however, he himself was struggling to derive results on the platform despite spending extravagantly.


According to Murray, what he needed more than LinkedIn growth was the mindset shift that the program did to him. In his 35 years of corporate life, he seldom heard anyone talk about the power of a powerful mindset in business. But this program and the community association changed his entire perspective of business.


The mindset training in the program and LinkedIn approach changed the business of Murray and the growth was so incredible that he had to hire a team and virtual assistants to handle the flow of prospects.


Murray suggests that If you have the right tool and an instructor like Mark, there’s no way your business won’t grow!

Check out the case study interview here... 


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