Kitchen Sales Training

Robert Foltz

Results Achieved: 


  • Landed the first client in less than a month
  • Went from not knowing social media to closing clients on LinkedIn
  • Substantial Increase in the number of leads and serious prospects through the sales funnel approach
  • Enhanced content strategy and improved networking on LinkedIn
  • Change of mindset and attitude towards social media that increased the profit
  • Increase in serious sales calls

“I've gotten more consistent calls, more people reaching out to me”- Says Robert Foltz Who Went from Not knowing Social Media to Landing His Clients through LinkedIn


Robert is a kitchen business coach who helps other kitchen businesses grow and he has been in the industry for about 36 years. Robert has seen his industry grow and trends change but the problem he faced was that he could not catch up with the latest marketing trends and methods.


He was struggling with LinkedIn and had an idea that LinkedIn could provide him with his biggest breakthrough, however, he did not know how to penetrate the LinkedIn market. And, that’s when our program came in.


Before joining the program, he even tried a few coaches and courses on automated messages but he found out that they don’t work.


The advice we gave to Robert was to enhance his content strategy and send 15 to 20 connect per day. We asked him to publish one post per day and be as active as he can on LinkedIn. The advice worked out great for Robert as he landed his first client within a month. That’s not it, he is constantly getting calls and responses and our LinkedIn funnel strategy is leading him to an even larger client base.

Robert believes that the program was pretty beneficial for his business as according to him, Mark is an up-to-date coach who knows how the market works at every point. He feels like Mark adapts to every new and effective strategy and his innovative ideas like LinkedIn live did wonders for Robert.

Robert believes that since he joined the program, he has only gotten better at technology and social media.

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