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Results Achieved: 


  • Closed five clients in 11 weeks.
  • Improved sales call and message sequence strategy.
  • Re-strategized LinkedIn content and increased LinkedIn reach
  • Went from contacting 500 clients a day to 15 clients a day and derived results with that

“This course is a lot more than just mastering B2B Growth. It is about mindset” – Says Lorus Who Closed 5 clients in 11 weeks.


Lorus represents a large community of workers who plan to grow but their w-2 job limits their pace of growth.


After joining the program, he left his job but was worried about the days to come. Lorus initially worked for a logistic company in North America and due to his immense experience in the field, he decided to launch his own business. He developed his business to help trucking companies cover up the shortage of drivers in his industry.  


Before joining the program, Lorus tried a few LinkedIn automation tools through which he felt like he was spamming his potential prospect’s inbox. And despite that the response rate was inconsistent. He was not only over-working himself but he was also scared to take action before the program.


“I call like analysis paralysis, where I would overanalyze something and wouldn't take action”


During the program, Mark advised Lorus to change his entire prospecting plan. He started following the three message regime and short calls instead of flooding the prospect’s messenger. 


According to him, the result he got was not instant, however, the response rate was getting better and he gradually started getting replies regularly. He got his first client in 5th week and then he closed four more clients in the next 5 weeks.


When we asked him what his biggest concern was for the program. He instantly replied that he was skeptical about investing money, as he was unsure of the results.  


Fortunately, the program changed his opinion as he stated that “if you passively use LinkedIn, there's still a lot of value in this course because there's a lot more that's covered than purely LinkedIn”.


Lorus is now very happy with his success so far and he is now able to achieve his goals of moving to Thailand and mortgaging the house.

Check out the case study interview here... 

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