Results Achieved: 


  • Received training on how to conduct effective sales calls which lead to several closed sales.
  • Learned the art of time and activity management and understood the importance of meditation to increase patience while working 
  • Developed a more productive mindset for business and learned the importance of consistency in sales 

“I Feel Strongly, We're About to Change The Face Of Ecommerce For The Next 5,200 Years” Says Dedrick Whose Business Upgraded Entirely After He Enrolled Into The Program


Dedrick has an E-commerce business and software development venture through which he helps his clients with their website development and architecture.

Dedrick is an efficient professional who knows exactly how to develop a website and help his clients after the delivery, however, the roadblock that Dedrick and his team faced was with marketing, branding, and sales. 


 When Dedrick joined the program amidst COVID, he was struggling with various issues. He had to pay his full-timers, he was skeptical of the inconsistent client flow and he did not know the way to move forward. Dedrick, then only got clients through referrals, which was not sustainable for his business. To solve all these problems and develop a consistent sales stream, Dedrick joined the program.  


As soon as the program started, in the first phase, Dedrick got exactly what he was looking for. He found the system and the structure he could follow to derive sales as it was a tried and tested strategy. He wanted a sustainable plan to create a consistent flow of prospects and that is exactly what happened. Another issue that Dedrick faced, was that he did not want to appear robotic during the sales call. For this, the program trained him and his team to be as humanly and empathetic as they can while doing sales. 


The next phase for Dedrick was more personal than professional, however, the phase helped Dedrick in managing his business. This phase was the mindset shift phase where Dedrick learned how to be consistent with efforts and how meditation can help him manage all his tasks with patience. 


Consistency helped his business a lot as his business model has long business cycles depending on various steps. Then, Dedrick and his team worked on their selling techniques which was a game-changer for the business.  He even conducted a training program to help his employees learn the nits and bits of sales. 


Dedrick is now all pumped up and he aims to transform the entire e-commerce industry.

Check the video here

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