Results Achieved: 


  • Shifted the focus to outbound sales
  • Closed three high-end clients in less than a month.
  • Substantial increase in sales from 10K per month to 50-70K a month.
  • Repositioning of the brand and shifting focus to small yet achievable goals that derived results.
  • Redefined tagline and re-strategize LinkedIn content 
  • Adaption of new sales call strategy leading to increased conversion rate.

“I knew if I follow the process you outlined, I'm going to get new clients”- Says Michael Bohanes who closed three clients in less than a month.


Michael is one enthusiastic client of ours who runs Content 360 and helps his client in making a profit through LinkedIn marketing. He basically works with small to mid-sized B2B companies and helps them grow their business.


Michael was doing good in his venture but what worried him was the flow of clients or new leads. His growth rate according to him was slow and he wasn’t as successful as he planned to be. He direly needed help to scale his business in which Mark played a big part.


 When he joined the program, he was making 10,000 pounds a month and his sale process according to him could have been better.


The part that benefited Michael was Mark’s own example that inspired his growth. According to Michael, he could relate and resonate with the way mark handled his business and leads, and he wanted to see him as successful as Mark.


The program helped him in finding his tagline and positioning his business. He also shifted his focus towards outbound sales which he initially ignored.  Mark made Michael shift his focus to a smaller and achievable goal and value proposition which heavily impacted his business.


you helped me to focus on one value proposition, one target market, and to be really small, specific”- says Bohanes


Another big shift that came into Michael’s business was his approach toward LinkedIn marketing and sales call. Apart from the old approach that made him lose customers, Mark’s quick 15-minute call “tell the customer how we can help him” strategy worked greatly for Michael.


The growth was pretty evident as Michael closed a client just a week after joining the program and two more clients in the next weeks. He still has leads coming and as Michael says, he does not have to worry about new clients as with Mark’s strategy, the prospect flow never slows.


Check out the case study interview here... 

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