Sales Training


Results Achieved: 


  • Constant selling efforts lead to an increased number of potential prospects.
  • Closed two high-paying clients after conducting several rightly positioned client calls.
  •  Learned time-management and sales call strategy and sales consistency techniques.
  • Generated astounding ROI. Doubled the investment within a few weeks of the program. 
  • Created a better lifestyle with the revenue-generating business

“I’ve just been seeing good results coming through on LinkedIn. More conversations and more movement there”- Says Dave Green Who Closed Several Clients After the Program.


Dave Green is an expert IT professional who helps B2B businesses increase their sales and grow their business. 


For a very long time, Dave was struggling to close sales and acquire more clients. He even worked on his selling techniques with his partner but the results were so bad that he was ready to pack his business up. Even after conducting several meetings and working out ideas, he was unable to develop a system that gets him more clients and derives sales. In an interview with us, Dave expressed that he was having sleepless nights and was going through a rough patch before joining the program. 


When Dave joined the program he was slightly dicey as to him it was a huge investment. However, the investment turned out worthy for him as his LinkedIn started to pay off pretty instantly. The big change that the program bought for Dave was to get him consistent in the sales process. 


The Link Prenuer program not only provided him with a result deriving system but Mark constantly helped Dave in being consistent with the process. Dave’s LinkedIn “sky-rocketed” as he says and he started getting high-paying leads through the platform and the number of prospects grew constantly. 


The change is just transformational. I mean, now we're rocking it out with a couple of steady clients that came to us through LinkedIn” says Dave. 


The program turned Dave’s world upside down as he is working with two steady clients now. He sleeps better at night and is planning to travel to different parts of the world as he is financially in a much better position now!

Check the video here

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