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Results Achieved: 


  • Significantly increased client base, leading from one-on-one sessions to group programs.
  • Closed more than 9 clients in 2 months
  • Increased LinkedIn reach by re-strategizing LinkedIn content
  • 90% of  LinkedIn revenue is derived from the Landing page, profile, and posted content

“I Was Getting Results Without Using Sales Navigator, Just Through My LinkedIn Profile and Landing Page” – Says Loren Greiff Who Closed Nine Clients In 2 Months


Loren is one of our amazing clients who helps her prospects in finding jobs that are not posted online on platforms. She has been a recruiter for the past 10 years and her immense experience made her shift her business from being a recruiter to someone who helps the jobless people on how they can score a job.

She felt for the job seekers and she wanted to help people through the process with her business idea. But since she built her business with a consultative model, she was a bit skeptical of how this will work as her entire circle knew her as a recruiter.


Before she started the PRS program she was confused on how to go about the business model as it wasn’t and product or service anymore, but a system. She was also skeptical about her LinkedIn reach and she was unclear on how she can make the most of the platform and make connections and form relationships.  


According to Loren, as soon as she got in, she resonated with the message of the PRS program as she had difficulty channeling the go-getter sales energy and mindset. The big difference that the program made in her business was delivering on the problems job seekers had as the employment rate was as low as 9%. 

She started seeing results in one week and in the next week she made her first sale.  She first dealt with one-on-one clients for a few months. But, after the program changed her approach, her client base started increasing at a rapid pace which made her start a group program. 


As stated by Loren, her business growth was exponential.


Another great result that Loren achieved was her landing page conversion. Her landing page and profile were generating 90% of the leads her LinkedIn profile got to her. Neither her LinkedIn is paid nor does she use a sales navigator but the results were organic and unbelievable. 


The impact was simply because of her content strategy use that drove value. With our help, she had been consistent with posting content online which increased her profile engagement and worked reciprocally.


The big change for Loren was that she has achieved a consistent income that is increasing every month. She is going to get a new house in the next quarter and has some exciting traveling plans now as her income flow is way better.

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