Jeff Pugel

Results Achieved: 


  • Increase in traffic on LinkedIn after posting rightly positioned and profoundly explained the content         
  • Remarkable Increase in LinkedIn views and prospect attraction
  • Created and maintained a strong online presence
  • Increased networking through Link Print Program
  • Improved social media strategy resulting in a bigger client base

“The program is really creating a world of a difference in attracting clients and profile views” – Says Jeff Pugel Who Just made it big on LinkedIn


Jeff Pugel was one of our skeptical clients who was initially pessimistic about the credibility and probability of success of the program.


When Jeff joined the program, he was not only struggling with LinkedIn views and content strategy but he was also a victim of LinkedIn coaches who promise the world but are unable to give results.


I was probably one of the most cynical person in there, but now I'm probably one of the biggest cheerleaders out there because I've seen firsthand results” – Says Jeff Pugel


Before the program, Jeff was not fond of social selling nor did he believe in the power of LinkedIn networking. However, his views changed rapidly when he adapted to the changes Mark suggested to him.


Mark advised Jeff to update his LinkedIn profile, and his banners and to make his entire social media persona stand out. He made him update his LinkedIn content strategy along with his messaging technique which is what derived results.


According to Jeff, what benefited him, even more, was the group call conversations during the program. He came across business owners who dealt with the same issues, took their tips, and learned from their mistakes.


Those weekly calls help a lot especially when you're stuck, also, forming the friendships with the other group member where everyone's helping everyone out with their approach was great


It was a day-night difference for Jeff as his LinkedIn started to grow after suggested updates and consistency.  It went so well that he is now being called to events to speak about his selling techniques and LinkedIn growth. His profile views and the lead list grew substantially to a point where his business in growing faster than ever.


Check out the case study interview here...

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