Results Achieved: 


  • Tripled the income and made a profit of 30,000 dollars in just two months.
  • Sudden increase in LinkedIn reach due to continuous and consistent postings
  • Change of mindset and attitude that increased the client base.

“I'm Making Other People Millionaires Now” – Says Life Coach Monica Dubay, Who Tripled Her Income In The Last Quarter Of 2021.


Monica has been one the most inspiring clients who have spent years helping business women and female entrepreneurs with the road blocks in their life. Monica is working as a life coach and she typically helps people who either want to overcome their fears or who want to get over their past traumas.

We recently did a podcast with Monica to ask her about her life journey and how our program helped her overcome the blockades of her business growth. In the interview, she put the light on how she encouraged females on getting over the dead and buried. She told us that in her business she was struggling to put herself out there every day. She did not know much about LinkedIn and that was holding her back.


She stated that she resonated with the program and its theories instantly and she knew that it will surely help her business grow. The program motivated her and changed the entire thought process that restrained her. After the sessions, she felt like she could achieve anything.


“Uh, I think I had a big shift because your sales program is really awesome. But sales is really where I was holding back. I wasn't entering the sales calls with a lot of confidence and I struggled with that for most of the year”- Says Monica Dubay.


After the sessions, she started posting consistently on LinkedIn to increase her reach. She posted every day, went on different platforms, and started talking about what she does and how she will achieve her goals. According to her, the program incorporated confidence in her tone, and her clients suddenly could sense it. That’s what made her win more clients. Her consistent LinkedIn posting maximized her reach, increasing her engagement and that resulted in converted prospects.


You kept saying “get yourself out there, you're a really powerful spiritual healer, just do that”. And that I needed to hear, then I put it all into practice on a daily basis and get on LinkedIn every day


For Monica, the change wasn’t really tangible but the program changed her approach to her business. It gave her the self-assurance that she can conquer the business world. The outreach was so incredible that she made 30,000 dollars in just two months.


The sessions made Monica understand the power of being herself and, being out there in the market with self-confidence and conviction to make it big. Monica has started socializing at Clubhouse and she’s out there meeting new prospects and impacting their lives positively.

Check out the case study interview here... 


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