Marketing Strategy


Results Achieved: 


  • Increase in the number of closed clients. Closed three clients in a month with few others in the pipeline
  • Derived sales via rightly positioned Facebook sessions that turned into potential prospects
  • Sales went from zero to 10,000 dollars in weeks
  • Substantial Increase in the number of leads and serious prospects.
“I Went From Zero Clients To Three Clients In Three Weeks” – Says Erica Soba Who Generated A Profit Of 10,000 dollars In Four Weeks


Erica Soba is one of our really passionate and enthusiastic clients. She is a marketing strategist, a great teacher, and someone who’s a doer. Erica works with small businesses and shows them the way to growth. Her entire family is business-oriented and so business runs in her blood.


When Erica came to us, she was striving to create a good client base and she wanted to get over the mindset that was holding her back. She wanted to start her own business and form a high-paying company that helps B2C service-based businesses. She basically needed help with sales and lead generation as her sales calendar then, was completely empty.


She got in touch with us after taking the free webinar sessions and she knew she got a strategist and marketing guru who could help her. The results were so incredible that in the first month after trying our suggested strategy, Erica closed three clients and she still had one in her sales pipeline. She even generated revenue of 10,000 dollars which was one of her biggest achievements for the period. 


Mark’s LinkedIn strategy did wonders for her Facebook account as well. Facebook was her most crowded platform. She started doing live sessions with Mark’s strategy and in the rightly positioned sessions got she got views that converted into sales. According to her, she did not want a 1000 views, she needed one that converts! And that’s what the positioning of the sessions made her achieve. 


Erica was ready to invest in her business with the right amount of guidance and she got that from Mark. She believes that the advice she got, gave tenfold results in her business and the results are increasing exponentially as more and more prospects are coming her way.


Erica is planning to develop her business even more as she believes she is good at instructing people being a teacher. She will help more prospects with their marketing strategies in the near future.

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