Results Achieved: 


  • Substantial increase in LinkedIn traffic after consistent postings and rightly positioned content.
  • Constant and meaningful messaging and conversations, lead to increased responses and interested prospects
  • Closed several 6-figure deals with Élite American companies.
  • Approached by the biggest publication in the UK to talk over UX research due to content strategy. 
  • Increased reputation spread through word of mouth due to the corporate strategy.

“We got on-boarded into one of the top 10 largest American companies because of the results”- Says Marcelo who closed several 6-figure deals due to the program.


Marcelo is a UX- researcher who is on a mission to help companies enhance their products in different parts of the world. He basically researches for his clients on how well their applications, websites, or other products are doing and provides suggestions for improvements. 


This client has been with us for a long time. He first contacted us for his consulting business which was not fulfilling to him and he was failing miserably at sales as he was not into that business. He then started his UX researching business but sales were still his unresolved problem.


When he joined the program, the first few changes that made him go places were the client messaging technique, LinkedIn content strategy, and his consistency with sales. Mark's corporate strategy was the plan that did wonders for Marcello as he started believing that the client conversation was worth it because of the "third person sales or white knight”. The conversations he had "white knights" introduced him to new prospects that increased his client base through word of mouth.


Another mindset shift for Marcel was that he was no longer looking to close sales but all he was trying to do, was help his clients in the best possible way. This not only helped him close more sales but enhanced his reputation in the industry. On the other hand, Mark guided him with LinkedIn content strategy and Marcello became more consistent with his postings and which increased his LinkedIn traffic.  


Another shift was Marcel's messaging technique. According to him, his messages prior to the program were shallow, vague, and meaning less. This is why he wasn't getting as many responses as he could have. He changed his conversations and tried to connect with the client and made sure to help him in his best possible capacity and this sky-rocketed his success.


Marcel has recently closed a 120,000-dollar deal and as stated by him, all his sales are 6-figured and he is planning to raise his price even more. The new content strategy took him to the biggest publication in the UK and they requested Marcelo to talk at one of the largest UX conferences in the world. All in all, the program changed Marcelo’s life completely and the results were beyond his wildest imaginations. 

Check the video here

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