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Results Achieved: 


  • Re-strategized LinkedIn content and increased LinkedIn reach
  • Amidst Covid, closed the largest group of Texas in few months
  • Took less than three months to close her first protracted sales client.
  • Learned time-management and sales call strategy and consistency techniques
  • Closed 12 site clients by using rightly positioned sales.

“I Closed One Of The Largest Privately Held Groups In The State Of Texas” – Said Amberly Joseph Who Scored 12 Site Clients And Great Success On LinkedIn


Amberley Joseph is one of our clients from Texas who runs two ventures and she has been in the industry for 17 years now. She started a new venture right before Covid’19. Her venture deals with car dealers on credit and she helps her clients with the legislation and educated them on dealing laws.


When Amberly entered the market, the situation was beyond chaotic and it was a bad time for businesses overall. She got in touch with us for her marketing business as she wanted to properly launch her higher-level dealer merchant services. When she started, her money was already invested and she had to get the business going amidst Covid which was a challenge for us.


Amberly came to us in March and our sessions helped her get started. With our strategies, she closed her first client in July which was pretty quick as the protracted sales cycle according to her, doesn’t give results this instantly. In the chaotic time when everyone was scared, Amberly was working fiercely and According to her Mark’s suggestions got her going. She even stated that “ His help was more personalized,  I can have a conversation with him if I'd hit a roadblock


Another strategy of ours that helped her business grow was restructuring the content of her LinkedIn. We made her update her profile and add her skills and experience that showed credibility to her clients and that made Amberly close to her biggest client in Texas.


As stated by Amberly Joseph, she has got big plans for her ventures and she is not only looking at the numbers as she is planning to change and grow her business completely.

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