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Results Achieved: 


  • Closed three clients with a revenue of 15000 dollars
  • Increased profile views and client attraction on LinkedIn
  • Attracting high-profile clientele with similar interests.
  • Increase in number of potential prospects through LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

“I have stepped up into my business more than I have done in the last three years. And that's huge!” – Says Rebecca who straightaway made revenue of 15000 dollars by closing three high-end client


Rebecca Cross is an authentic business strategist who is on a mission to help two million female entrepreneurs with their businesses.


She is one extroverted and energetic client of ours who initially was doing good on her Facebook but LinkedIn was a platform she wanted to leverage from. Rebecca already had 500 connections on her LinkedIn. When she took Mark’s Webinar funnel session, she decided to take Mark as her coach to help her make the best out of her LinkedIn profile.


After Rebecca joined the program and worked on her LinkedIn message plan and content strategy, her LinkedIn started to show results. According to her, she found like-minded clients on LinkedIn who were very high profile and were easy to build relationships with.


She was under the impression that on LinkedIn calls she had to be perfect in sales and she cannot be herself, however, the program changed her entire mentality and conviction towards LinkedIn.  Rebecca is now running three platforms simultaneously and even though she was not able to keep up with LinkedIn for a long time, the enhanced profile and posted content derived traffic to her presence.


Another big shift was her audience on LinkedIn reaching out on Facebook and webinars causing the potential prospects to increase. She also stated that LinkedIn responses increased her confidence in sales as she thought she is incapable of handling sales.


Rebecca is one of the best examples for people who are scared of not being able to be themselves in LinkedIn calls as she is continuously growing and making it big. She suggests everyone joining the program to be patient and persistent during the course.

Check out the case study interview here... 

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