The 4-Part LinkedIn Chain to 10x Your Clients (Even If You're Starting from Zero)

June 15, 2024

Are you struggling to grow your business, get clients, and stand out from the competition on LinkedIn?

Are you struggling to grow your business, get clients, and stand out from the competition on LinkedIn?If so, you're not alone. 95% of people face the same challenges.The reason?LinkedIn is like a chain and a broken chain will never work and soIn this email, I'll cover:

  1. The 4 essential links in the LinkedIn chain
  2. How to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn (even if you're starting from scratch)
  3. The secret to creating compelling content that attracts paying clients
  4. A simple strategy to convert attention into cash (without relying on sales calls or courses)

Let's dive in!

Link 1: Finding Ready-to-Buy Leads

You've probably been told to hustle and send countless cold messages to get clients on LinkedIn.But there's a smarter way.There is a significant difference between demographic and psychographic targeting, and using the wrong one will lead to poorly quality, underqualified leads.The difference between the 2 is shown in this image./Just like Airbnb targeted people who had already listed vacation properties on Craigslist, you can use LinkedIn's advanced search features to find people actively looking for your services.

Link 2: Optimizing Your Profile

Updating your headline to tell people what you do and who you help is a good start, but it's not enough.Instead, position yourself around something 100% relevant and important to your potential clients – something they're thinking about right now.Focus on their favourite radio station: WIIFM (What's In It For Me?).


Link 3: Getting Attention

Sharing insightful posts is great, but not all insights are created equal.There are four types of content consumers, but only one type actually buys: people who value asking experts questions, even after reading their book.Create content for these people, and make your free content better than your competitors' paid content.


Link 4: Converting Attention into Clients

Booking sales calls or selling courses isn't always the quickest path to cash.Instead, offer a "Trojan Horse" – a quick, actionable review or advice session that provides immediate value to your niche.This could be a website homepage review, a diet review, or a LinkedIn profile review.

By implementing this 4-part LinkedIn chain strategy, I've built a $3 million business, and you can achieve similar results.If you want more granular, step-by-step guidance on how to get clients on LinkedIn starting from zero, check out the video below.Check it out here [Insert link to video]MarkP.S.o

Are you still reliant on Outbound LinkedIn Messages To Land Clients in 2022?

How B2B Consultants + B2B Service Providers Are Getting 3-8 Inbound Messages Per Day From Warm Leads Using The Pipeline Acceleration Process

In the guide we cover

​No messages ever - why this funnel attracts 'wallet out' B2B prospects requesting to connect with us so no need for outreach
No daily content - why daily content destroys authority and pushes away CEO's, and how the IDC framework works much better
Create Time to scale - How this process eliminates the need to spend daily time on lead generation
How to get on 1 x B2B podcast per day
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What works now won’t work again in a few months  So…If you want take the swing and benefits – before it’s too late and before everyone starts using them


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