The B2B Consultants Guide To Totally Eliminating LinkedIn Messages

May 14, 2022
6 min read
January 13, 2024
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LinkedIn Advertising As An Alternative to LinkedIn Messages

Many B2B consultants tell me they are not landing enough high-level deals. and They also say that the system they are using for lead generation no longer works is outdated, or too time-consuming. Most of them also say that LinkedIn experts are still telling them to use ineffective tactics like cold messages, cold calling, and cold emails.

They are also being told to use tedious and time-consuming strategies like ‘Research prospects before sending messages’ a.k.a. ‘Market Research’.

But maybe you have reached the same conclusion as your peers; These tactics do not move the needle on the business and require a lot of time and effort. Cold messaging no longer works – both automated and personalized and these LinkedIn experts know it.

Many B2B consultants feel invisible and they are spending the majority of their day doing work that is not meaningful. In fact, LinkedIn nearly destroyed my business when I was reliant on cold outreach, and, for a while, I considered going back to B2B sales. I thought about applying for jobs just like I had with IBM and Siemens. Then I figured out how to get paid advertising working on LinkedIn. Now, a steady stream of high-value qualified prospects reach out to me every day. In this article, I will show you how to do the same.

In fact, I haven’t sent any cold messages for the last 18 months, I hardly post content on LinkedIn, and my following on there is tiny, less than 8k. Yet, I still land B2B consulting deals consistently while my competitors try and figure out the ‘best connect message’ or other outdated tactics. I’ve taken nearly 1.5m cash from the concepts that I will talk about in this guide.

And the best part; the process is super simple, low tech, and starts working in a few short weeks Take it from Robin. He started with inconsistent organic marketing on LinkedIn for his B2B consulting practice where he helps health businesses grow. In the 1:14 min video below, he describes how he immediately stopped chasing and begging for clients in cold messages, how he raised his prices and quickly saw qualified leads coming to him, using the process in this guide.

He went from 8k a month to 33k a month in just 30 days! He didn’t have to do any cold outreach and is working far less hours. Last time I spoke to him, he had reached 100k cash in less than 10 weeks.

This short report is a quick 5-10 minute read so you can start taking a different approach to your business just like myself, Robin, and the other client success stories you will see in the next 5 minutes. Through reading this report, you can also have clients delivered to you consistently, raise your prices, and finally, start doing meaningful work.

This approach works best for those:

  • B2B consultants solving business problems around growth, sales, marketing, sales, compliance, finance, legal, HR + exec coaching
  • 10+ years experience or some form of high-level expertise
  • Selling 3k minimum consulting engagements (or want to)
  • Selling into small and medium-sized businesses
  • B2B consultants selling by the hour and want to move to high-value projects

Let’s jump in, we are going to talk you through the following simple system that is super low tech and anyone can implement starting today.

1. Paid Advertisement

Many B2B businesses are already using paid advertising and you can see in the image below how many billions that B2B businesses are spending on advertising. But, it’s not too late to jump in and get ahead of those competitors who still do daily cold outreach.

These B2B companies know that the fastest way to find the best clients is by making themselves ‘findable’, thus eliminating the chase. Right now there are hundreds of thousands of active buyers across the USA and the globe looking to solve a very specific problem and prepared to pay a premium for your help to do it. The only problem is that only 3% of any market is an active buyer, which is defined as someone in the market to make a purchase right now. They are actively seeking help…

This means we need to be in front of a huge volume of people just to pull out the 3% of high-value buyers that will not waste our time So let’s say you try and do this on LinkedIn, following the old tactics many experts are still teaching At most, you can get away with 50 messages a day over 7 days, and if you’ve already been capped by the new connect restrictions then you are down to 15 connects per day. Also, you have no way to know who is an active buyer, because LinkedIn does not have that search capability. All the search filters on LinkedIn are demographic and not psychographic, which means they do not track behavior and interests. They just look at data like job title, time in role, industry, etc.

LinkedIn also does not allow volume. In other words, it’s pure luck to get the right person at the right time with the right inbox message. Then, if you’re lucky enough to find an active buyer, it’s common that their inbox is full of competitor’s messages that bury yours to the depths of inbox anonymity. Or they might not even be spending much time on LinkedIn. In fact, I hear many consultants repeatedly say things like:


And the stats back them up.  The average LinkedIn B2B decision-maker only spends 28 minutes on the platform per week, which is about the same time it takes me to drink my morning coffee. Versus Facebook, where the average B2B decision maker spends 760 minutes per week on the platform – enough time to fly Los Angeles to London and clear passport control

But we know people do like to do business on LinkedIn.


So how do we solve this problem?

The problem is that our market is active on another platform, but like to do business on LinkedIn where they only spend 28 minutes a month on average. Simple: We use established platforms, (like Facebook), at the top of the funnel, which is where our prospects first see us.

Placing ads on Facebook means we can get in front of our prospects at a huge volume for little cost. While taking advantage of their behavioral targeting to identify active buyers. Then use LinkedIn Ads for retargeting. Retargeting means we can show our videos and content to people who have shown interest in what we do in the LinkedIn feed. Some of the forms of interest/actions we regularly retarget in the LinkedIn feed are:

• Visited a page on your website

• Viewed a video ad • Opened or submitted a lead generation form

• And more…

This means that instead of spending my time connecting with very few people, or hiring an agency to do it, I am instead targeting active buyers at volume.

2. The LinkedIn Profile

So, as part one of the process, we post an ad that only attracts active buyers. For part two, we simply invite them to connect with us on LinkedIn after we take their email and SMS. The majority of them then start conversations with us as seen below. This means a steady stream of qualified leads and active buyers reaching out to us every day. We can then book calls and land clients with ease.

It really is that simple and that’s why so many clients get such quick results like this. We have a simple conversational flow that moves them onto a call and into our sales process.


3. The LinkedIn Virtual Event

The first 2 steps alone are sufficient to build a High-Profit Consulting business. But after years of testing and $400k in ad spend, I found out that not everyone wants to jump on a call directly from ads, even if they are active buyers. Some people are more logical buyers. So, we added an extra step to nurture these prospects into taking action without chasing and following up.

To achieve this we use a ‘Mini Virtual Event’, which is an hour-long presentation that educates, inspires, and entertains. It then moves even more people into our sales process.  It’s super easy to fill because we use the SMS and email they’ve already provided landed after the Facebook ad. We own the contact channel with them and can reach them super easily with an invite. You don’t need big events or huge ad spends to get this to work

Robin, who you saw at the start, had 30 people and started with just $1k of ad spend.

This has totally revolutionized my business and my client's business. Now, I only do an event now and again and pay someone to handle my inbound leads on LinkedIn. Zero outbound messaging. In the image below, you see all the income in April centered around the one event I hosted, where we made the bulk of the money. We earned about $20k cash from that 1 hour of work

So, instead of building my business around my life, I built my life around my business. This gives me more time with my family and friends. Here I am on the 15th of April this year, 2 days after the event – celebrating my birthday. I was able to take a couple of days off and relax, knowing that the leads would continue to flow while I enjoyed the most important thing in life.

Don’t take it from me, here is another client sharing how happy they are for this new strategy.

There you have it. Those are the 3 components of a super simple system that have allowed us to collect over 1.5m in cash and help hundreds of B2B consultants to transform the fortunes of their business since 2017. They’re working amazing for us & our clients. We have plenty of clients using our exact methodology to build a High-Profit Consulting practice.

So what’s next?

Click below to get the process docs for setting up the funnel, as soon as you leave your email you will be sent them through

Are you still reliant on Outbound LinkedIn Messages To Land Clients in 2022?

How B2B Consultants + B2B Service Providers Are Getting 3-8 Inbound Messages Per Day From Warm Leads Using The Pipeline Acceleration Process

In the guide we cover

​No messages ever - why this funnel attracts 'wallet out' B2B prospects requesting to connect with us so no need for outreach
No daily content - why daily content destroys authority and pushes away CEO's, and how the IDC framework works much better
Create Time to scale - How this process eliminates the need to spend daily time on lead generation
How to get on 1 x B2B podcast per day
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What works now won’t work again in a few months  So…If you want take the swing and benefits – before it’s too late and before everyone starts using them


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