#13 - The 3 Types of Buyers

#13 - The 3 Types of Buyers

January 13, 2024
April 10, 2023

Mark emphasizes the importance of building an audience and converting their time, focus, and energy into becoming a client. Firth breaks down the different types of B2B buyers and shares how to target each group effectively. He encourages businesses to be open and receptive to information about potential partners, and to focus on targeting a soon-to-be market segment and nurturing them. Firth also explains the concept of conversion events and cautions against relying solely on LinkedIn for booking sales calls.

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Topics Covered

1. Different types of B2B Buyers- Now Buyers, Soon Buyers, and Eventually Buyers- Majority of people target Now Buyers (only 3% of market)

2. Importance of building an audience and converting their time, focus, and energy into becoming a client

3. Three types of buyers- Never Buyers, DIY Buyers and buyers who hire the author

4. Quick buyers make only 3% of the market

5. Targeting Soon-to-be market segments to convert non-buyers to loyal clients

6. Building a conduit/mechanism to have access to the time, focus, and energy of your market

7. Consistent engagement with your target market to build trust

8. The speaker targeting a specific market segment representing 15% of the market

9. Importance of Conversion event at front-end business

10. The speaker shares calculations to support the argument that relying on luck and targeting only 3% of the market is not a sustainable business strategy

11.. Caution against solely relying on LinkedIn to book sales calls for the small segment of the market.

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