Stop Chasing Clients

Stop Chasing Clients

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For Over 7 Years our proven growth
frameworks have helped 2k+ clients to..

Escape sending cold messages on platforms like Linkedin so that they can build a sustainable B2B business with less time and effort

Build B2B Virtual event funnels so they can get in front of more ideal clients and close more deals without doing hours and hours of sales calls

Accelerate the growth of the business through established marketing, sales and hiring frameworks that mean you concentrate on strategy only

We are not an agency or coaching program

We are a B2B growth company with a unique hybrid model that provides education, advisory and coaching together with our own technology platform and set of ‘done for you’ services

Free B2B resources To Accelerate Growth

Building a business is not about sending messages on social media and posting content that doesn't move the needle. Try these free guides instead..


Once your business is growing with events and podcast guesting, then it's time for growth with paid advertising


Get in front of MORE ideal clients and build your authority using this simple $39 a month software + step by step process. Get The Guide


Instead of inviting prospects to sales calls, it's a more effective strategy in 2023 to invite them to a virtual event...

Read Case Studies From B2B
Consultants & Service Providers who

Your strategy is completely different because it's very deliberate. And what it does is it gets the right people on the phone to the point where I can make 80,000 a month with an without having to hire sales people or settlers or anything crazy like that

CEO, Powerful Practice

Thank you, Mark Firth. thank you for your incredible support, your program and the team that you've created that has been wildly supportive. I am in the middle of my third week right now and have more than doubled my clients, creating a business.I absolutely love

Coach, Portfolio Rocket

I started with Mark on July 15th of last year and since then have used Sales Navigator to consistently send 100 connection requests a week which now gets me 45 to 50 high quality leads without a connection message. From those I’m currently booking a total of 20-25 appointments per week

CEO, Exit Plan TV

I knew that if I wanted to be successful faster, I needed to invest and hire someone who's done it before me.  I saw Mark on a webinar and joined the program and I started booking calls pretty quickly and already within a month, I've now booked two clients that I get to help their small business grow with their marketing. And I am so excited that my dream and my passions are being fulfilled.

Marketing Strategist

''The ROI on the program is about 300% and counting within a couple of months of working with him. Uh, he's an extremely good consultant as far as social selling and selling on the phone is concerned''

CEO, Michal

I added one of the largest privately held automotive groups in the state of Texas. So that's a big one. It was pretty quick. Mm-hmm  I think that it's, again, it's just about doing the work. It's no different from, you know, when you're in sales or anything else, you have to make the calls. You have to, you know, put yourself out there.

Managing Partner, Dealer Mechant Services

A future orientated growth framework

In 2023 a quick 'hack' or 'tactic' to get more followers or send more messages on social media will not move the needle when it comes to achieving profitable, consistent growth. Here is what to do instead...
Stage 1


Focus on moving your prospects away from social media and onto your own platform. Social media is a losing game because you have no control over the algorithms and who sees you

Stage 2


Once you have access to your prospects on your own platform you can accelerate them through the pipeline by accessing them on multiple channels and approaching those that take action using our technology platforms

Stage 3

Conversion Optimization

We have found in 2023 that prospects are reluctant to get on sales calls. So a series of conversion events quickly replaces these while saving time and increasing conversion

download the b2B
Audience acceleration growth guide

Totally eliminate reliance LINKEDIN cold messages & Social Media Posting
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Are you experiencing these frustrations?

Lack of lead generation consistency which holds you back from sustainable growth

Unqualified prospects on calls when they do Turn Up and a high 'no show' rate

Finding it hard to communicate your ideas, concepts and worth via the social media feed

Total failure of cold messages, cold calls and cold emails when done with Virtual assistants, agencies or in-house

No desire to spend all day every day on social media chasing clients who make you feel invisible & irrelevant

Unable how to outsource sales  because your prospects want to speak to you before They buy

We got you - Check out even More Results

But here's the quick story about what happened to me.  I was in the process just at the tail end of leaving New York and moving to Adelaide. I just religiously followed his techniques. In a three week period, I made five sales of 5k each.So I made $25,000 while I was living in these Airbnbs in a transition from New York to Adelaide.

CEO, TK Media

And a very exciting thing is I'm having to bring forward my new group programs because of course, you know, my one to ones is full up now because I'm using these great other platforms, including LinkedIn. It means I've been able to scale my business quicker

Coach, Pulse on Prosperity

We've got some amazing results and Have really transformed our business.  I think that's worth saying that we always come back to Mark at some point, because he always has new strategies, new tactics, new mindsets that we always wanna be a part of.

Partner, Take Two Brothers

I just immediately connected with you and I, and it, it shifted me so totally. Um, I got very clear that I wanted to make about 30,000. Um, and I did within like two months I made $30,000.

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life

I've had three or four good consultants in my life, I believe in it. But what you do that I think makes you unique is you understand that you understand the foundations. You are the best coach I've worked with and you're constantly adapting to what is actually happening in the field.

Owner, CKD- Sales Training

I've taken the principles and applied them in my own way... took a brand new offer we launched at the start of the year from like 5k to almost 25k/mo right now (cash collected, rev is more like 30-36k/mo)

Owner, Flaming Camel Copy

Are you still reliant on Outbound LinkedIn Messages To Land Clients in 2023?

How B2B Consultants + B2B Service Providers Are Getting 3-8 Inbound Messages Per Day From Warm Leads Using The Pipeline Acceleration Process

In the guide we cover

​No messages ever - why this funnel attracts 'wallet out' B2B prospects requesting to connect with us so no need for outreach
No daily content - why daily content destroys authority and pushes away CEO's, and how the IDC framework works much better
Create Time to scale - How this process eliminates the need to spend daily time on lead generation
How to get on 1 x B2B podcast per day
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What works now won’t work again in a few months  So…If you want take the swing and benefits – before it’s too late and before everyone starts using them

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Mark Firth

After 15 years in B2B, trained by companies including IBM and Siemens, how I built my business on LinkedIn

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download the b2B
Audience acceleration growth guide

Totally eliminate reliance LINKEDIN cold messages & Social Media Posting