The MOST successful LinkedIn connect message...EVER

Written By Mark Firth

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All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's just check. I am indeed live. How are we all doing? Let's just check on here.

Yes, good. That's a good start.

All right. So on this board here, which I'm going to turn around, in a real quick moment, is the most successful LinkedIn Connect message we've ever had on the platform. And when I say successful, I'm talking about that myself. And my clients have been using since 2018. to consistently book qualify calls with the right clients, get the right people into the network, get on calls that are not just leads that calls that become clients. That's what I'm going to show you in this video. All right. So what is The most successful LinkedIn Connect message ever here it is, it is a blank message. Now, let me explain because this sounds counterintuitive, but it's actually far from it right? When it comes to LinkedIn, and and this, I've been on LinkedIn since I know the year 2007 2009, something like that. And my clients, we've helped hundreds of people to get consistent results, I have seen the results of more profiles in more industries than a lot of people will see in their entire life. And what I can tell you to be true is this, based on what I've seen, with my clients is that a certain percentage of people when you go to connect with them on LinkedIn, they will accept the Connect message, no matter once, no matter what, even if you tell them like if you're rude to them, like it's that's exaggerating, but it doesn't matter what you write a certain percentage of people Well except it anyway. So that's one end. Conversely, on the other end, a certain percentage of people will never, ever connect on LinkedIn or never accept to connect. Even if you like do a dance and jump through flaming hoops of fire, a certain percentage of people will not accept that connect message. That's just the way they are. That's, that's just that's just that's just a pattern you see in any form of lead generation, a group that will a group that won't, and a group that are on the fence. Now, you may be thinking, yeah, but I want to, I want to convert that group that's on the fence. And that's a completely valid assumption. If you're doing things at volume, ie if you're doing paid advertising, and you're serving thousands of impressions, which basically means people seeing your advertisements every single day. It's worth while optimizing to the nth degree to get the people that are on the fence. But if you're not doing paid overtime, And you're connecting with say, I don't know, 40 to 60 people per day that say 40 to 60 people per day, we've seen that to be safe these days, that for the amount of effort it requires to optimize a Connect message. It's really not worth it because you're only converting a small amount that are on the fence. So what do you do instead? Let me explain on this board, right. So let's imagine this board represents the sales process on LinkedIn. Here is the Connect message. That's point one.

Point to

here is booking a qualified call. And there's a fee, there's a whole series of steps that needs to happen in order to get on that call. The Connect message is not where we want to start focusing. We want to focus around here. Once someone has come into our network with many demo efforts. Once in our network, that is where we want to focus, we want to focus on that individual here or not here, because we literally, you could just pull open on your phone, you could pull sales nav or LinkedIn on the homepage, and click connect 20 to 30 times in the morning while you're on the treadmill, and you would have done your connects. And you will get as good as results as someone that spends an hour painstakingly deciding what's right in a Connect matches. That's reality. What you need to do here is once they're in the network, you need to personalize the outreach, right. What does that mean? Well, let me give a quick analogy that I always use to describe the best way to communicate on LinkedIn. I want to imagine you're going into a bank in an urban area close to where you live a downtown bank, it's Wednesday lunchtime, you go into the bank, there's likely to be a lot line of people waiting to be seen. Now let's imagine you walk in the bank, you have total disregard to everyone there, you walk to the front of the line, and you stand in front of the person at the front of the line with your back to the person behind you. And you don't say a thing, the probability is high that you would cause a scene, right? It doesn't. It doesn't add here. It's not following cultural conventions. It's just not a good way to behave. Now. Let's replay that scenario. Let's imagine you walk into the bank. And instead of there's a big line of people still it's the same bank, same lines of people. Let's imagine you've got you. I can say this, my son's out here. I've got my three and a half year old here. I'm pushing a stroller with the other arm. It's got my one year old and the dogs outside barking. It's chaos, right? Let's imagine you just say to everyone in the line. Look, I'm really sorry. You don't have to say yes. I totally understand if you don't, but I don't want to subject you to these kids crying for 20 minutes. And I you know, grandma's a bit sick we're in a bit of a Rush just this once Would it be possible if if if we went to the front of the line? I mean, you don't have to do it, but just this once, you're not guaranteed to get a favorable response, but the probability of that favorable response? Is someone going yeah, yeah, no problem. I get it jump in. I've got kids, you know, I know how you feel, the probability of that happening is exponentially higher. Why? Because there's a context for the communication, people know why you're communicating. So what you want to do is instead of focusing in here on the perfect Connect message is once that person is in the network, use the information in their profile, use the content they're posting, use their behavior on the platform, and use that as context to start a conversation. Spend your time here, and don't spend your time here. And it's a much smarter way to do LinkedIn. I hope this has helped if it has helped and you're struggling to get results on the platform. And by struggling I mean, you're not consistent. booking qualify calls that become clients. You can click on the link below it will take you through to a call. If you're seeing this on LinkedIn or any other social media platform, you won't see a button because I don't control the platform, but you can reach out to me in a message. This is Mark Firth, founder of the link printers. I hope this has helped Have a wonderful day. Bye bye